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Preventive Services



Reg. Oil change Up to 4 QTs

   Oil service is essential to keep the life of vehicle engine last long and runs well. You as an owner of a car should keep track of the service light on your dash or keep track of the mileage that you put on your vehicle based on your driving. Oil Change Bellflower

Free AC Check-Up

During in a hot summer especially in California, everyone wants their vehicle Air Conditioning System work fine and have a pleasant cooling temperature driving time. Auto AC recharge Bellflower


   Your vehicle gets its initial running power through the battery to get the engine running.  After the engine started all the electrical supply comes from the alternator which its job is to satisfy the electrical system of your vehicle.

   The electrical power system has many components from a battery to starter, alternator, fuse box and others must be check on its proper time to make sure Auto Electrical repair Bellflower


   Get a good gas mileage off of a car; there are several components have to work properly. One of the systems of your call calls fuel system that consists of the gas tank with the filter belt in, the second filter after your gas tank through your gas lining, fuel pump to provide the sufficient fuel pressure  Fuel system bellflower


   In order to engine of your car runs at normal temperature and runs well it must operate at an absolute temperature that designed by the manufacturer of your vehicle. There is a system that consists of several parts such as the radiator, water pump, cooling hoses, thermostat and proper mixture of antifreeze with water to kept the engine cool at the time of running and in cold weather prevent the coolant in your car system to be frozen, Radiator repair Bellflower


   Every car manufacturer has their recommendation services based on their design of the vehicles. All car makers put out the list of prevented services or inspections that have to take place at the recommended time or mileage of the car. First Call Auto Service has the entire recommendation, Read more