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Brake Repair Services
FREE Inspection

   Driving a car on the road condition with heavy traffic that makes you come to the complete stop for several times or in a winter time, make us as a driver to make sure always that functionalities of our brake system work Brake Repair Bellflower

Pre Check Certification $19.95

   The state has a law when comes to automobile air pollution. As we know the require you as an owner of the car take your vehicle to approved smog centers to make sure your vehicle runs based Smog check Bellflower

Free Check Engine Light

   The engines on the cars made with today’s technology demands for right tools and skilled technician. Every automaker manufacturer has their recommendation as to keep up with the Engine repair Bellflower

Free Transmission Check-Up

   Most cars in today come with 100,000 mileage warranty. You as an owner of your car should know it does not mean that you can ignore the warranty policy as to keep up maintenance of your car transmission repair Bellflower


   The suspension of your car which consists of parts such as struts, shocks, tie rods, and some more parts depending on year and make design of support your car driving and handling of suspension repair Bellflower

Brand Name Tire

   Buying right tires with the right price is one of the challenges the most car owner have. The reasons are there are so many brands with different cost structure along with qualities to choose from. In First Call Auto Service we have done tire shop Bellflower